PLR Tutorial Videos - Did you know PLR, or private label rights, are the most valuable rights you can buy for e-products? With private label rights, you can create your own unique products to sell online from other author's PLR e-books. Download and watch Doug Champigny's professional videos on working with private label content today - these step-by-step how-to videos show you everything you need to know!


Tired of PLR E-Books just cluttering up your drive?

“Turn Your Dust-Collecting PLR E-Books Into Unique Products Raking In Hundreds, Thousands or
Tens of Thousands of Dollars, Simply By
Following Along With These Exclusive
Step-By-Step How-To Videos!”



From: Doug Champigny

Dear Future Private Label Rights Champion:

The time has come to clear up the confusion surrounding PLR – Private Label Rights. You’ve been told by many different people that PLR e-books are worth their weight in gold. You’re pretty sure it’s true, because you’ve seen that they sell for so much more than e-books with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights. And you know some of the big dogs have made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars using PLR E-Books…

But then you’ve also heard people say ‘PLR e-books are worthless – there’s too many copies floating about’ or ‘PLR E-Books are overpriced – avoid them’. Well, you’ve never actually heard a big dog say that, but you HAVE seen it in a few e-zines… Were they lying to you? Not likely, but they obviously don’t know how to make money with Private Label Rights e-books, so their excuse is that PLR e-books just don’t work, aren’t worth the money.

I Say: ‘Damn Their Lousy Excuses – It’s Time
For You To Make Some Real Money Online!’

The truth is, what makes PLR e-books so valuable is that you CAN make each unique to your site, which you can’t do with other resell products. The very nature of PLR is that you can customize the product the way YOU want it to be, call it what YOU want, and make it unique by the time you put it online. So YES, you CAN make thousands and tens of thousands selling your version of PLR E-Books – and I know because I”VE DONE IT! And so can you – once you know how!

You have PLR E-Books sitting on your hard drive right now, don’t you? Collecting cyber-dust, cluttering up your product folders, wasting away because no one has ever shown you exactly how to go from their to the mega-profit zone, right? Well, that’s a major oversight on THEIR part, one I’m going to correct for you right now as I show you how to turn your dust-collecting PLR E-Books into Unique Products you can use to rake in Hundreds, Thousands or Tens of Thousands of Dollars simply by following along with my new, exclusive Step-By-Step How-To Videos!


The PLR Tutorial
Training Videos…

Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
*Graphic for illustration only – videos are in digital download .wmv format.


That’s right – Now even the ‘newest of newbies‘ can create their own unique products while following along with my PLR Tutorial Step-By-Step How-To Videos! Watch over my shoulder as I convert a Private Label Rights .doc file into a unique e-book, create new graphics for the e-book, header & footer, modify the salespage, create a PayPal button for easy payment, and create a matching download page for customers to download my e-book from.

And no need to absorb it all the first time – you’ll be downloading these videos to your own computer so you can watch these Windows-based tutorial movies again and again – as many times and as often as you like! See EVERY STEP displayed in extra-large 800×600 resolution so everything is easy to see! No more straining to try and understand what’s going on on-screen!


Jamie Bing recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos

OMG, you have once again done something so cool that I could not help but speak out!

I am not a man who is easily impressed but your PLR Tutorial has blown me away. I got my hands on it around midnight and I literally stayed up all night going back over all this incredible information. For me it is not just that the information is top notch but it is put into a format and follows a flow that I have not seen anywhere else… or at ANY price. Within the first 10 minutes I had already learned things worth far more than the price of the entire package.

If people are sick and tired of feeling lost and left behind, this is something they must see. I could sit here and rant and rave about how great this PLR Tutorial is but instead I am going to tell my friends that they should JUMP on the chance to soak in this valuable information.

Jamie Bing


Jason James recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hi Doug,

There is a ton of PLR stuff out there but no real instructions on what to do with these products once you get them in your hands. That’s why I was so excited when I saw your PLR Tutorial
Training Videos.

I especially like how you go into detail on exactly what to do with the sales letter and the ebook itself. For those with piles of PLR products on their computer, this product is just what the
doctor ordered to help get you motivated and making money with PLR.


Jason James


Michelle Brouse recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hello, Doug!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your PLR Tutorial Videos! This method is the easiest and quickest way to get a PLR product out on the market. Everything is covered. I particularly like the way that you show how to do the graphics. I don’t think there’s an easier way to do ebook covers unless you have Photoshop and a couple action scripts. The methods you show to create new graphics for PLR materials is a must. Anyone with a decent graphic editor should be able to use these methods for creating their own unique graphics.

Your tips throughout the editing of the actual product and sales page are super. Even this old hand learned a couple new tricks! Not only did I finally learn how to use my graphic order buttons instead of the Paypal standards, I also very much like the way you changed the sales pages. Using notepad instead of an actual html editor was very cool. I step away from code whenever possible, but you make it quite easy to understand. This also prevents anyone from “needing” anything other than notepad to alter the sales page.

If you’re going to buy PLR products, you may as well USE them to their full potential. By following these methods anyone can do this stuff. The way I see it, you can have five PLR products sitting on your hard drive collecting digital dust… or you can use these methods to have 5 new websites up with products on them in less than a full work week!

Thanks Doug, keep the good stuff coming!

Michelle Brouse


Before continuing, let’s look at what Exactly
it is that you’re about to download in
Your PLR Tutorial Videos…

Video One: 1 min, 52 sec.
Introduction To The PLR Product…

A quick look at the PLR source e-book and salespage we’ll be using for the tutorial.


Video Two: 19 min, 02 sec.
Creating Your New E-Cover…

How to create a new e-cover in almost ANY graphics program, not just the big expensive ones.


Video Three: 20 min, 26 sec.
Adapting The E-Book…

Changes to the source e-book file, re-naming it, adding your links and info, etc.


Video Four: 5 min, 39 sec.
Converting The E-Book…

Converting your e-book from a .DOC to a .PDF using Word & Acrobat.


Video Five: 17 min, 08 sec.
The Salespage, Part One…

Creating your header and footer for your web page.


Video Six: 13 min, 53 sec.
The Salespage, Part Two…

Creating your web page background, editing the HTML to add your new graphics. (No need to be afraid of editing HTML code – I show you how you can even do it all in Notepad!)


Video Seven: 7 min, 15 sec.
The Salespage, Part Three…

Adapting the salespage to your new product – Changing the Headline, e-cover, adding your name, etc.


Video Eight: 9 min, 23 sec.
Creating & Enabling Your Payment Processing…

Here you’ll learn how to use PayPal to accept payments on your website – watch as I go through their site, filling in the necessary info on the product, price, download page, etc, and create the payment button, then see how to put the button on your salespage.


Video Nine: 5 min, 38 sec.
Creating Your Download Page…

The final step, creating the page your customers will reach after they successfully complete paying you. How to make it match the site, how to link to their download, etc.


That’s OVER 100 MINUTES of
Step-By-Step How-To Video Training,
All In Crystal-Clear 800×600 .wmv Windows Video Format!


The PLR Tutorial Videos Are Designed To
Make YOU A PLR Expert!

So as you can see, I’ve covered it all for you, from first opening the source files through preparing your unique product, creating your own graphics, editing the salespage, enabling your payments and creating the download page for them to get their products from after paying you! The PLR Tutorial videos will enable you to turn your dust-collectors into cash – and tons of it! And once you’ve done it a few times you won’t need to watch the videos – you’ll be a PLR Expert yourself!

Now we both know that no one becomes a true expert without plenty of practice, right? And the same is true with PLR E-Books – quickly and easily turning them into Sales-Ready Unique Digital Products without having to watch the PLR Tutorial videos again each time will take practice – but at least each time you’ll be creating another unique product to put online so you can EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!


Mike Steup recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hey Doug,

I sell a lot of PLR products, and the most frequent question I am asked is “So what do I do now?”

Now I can just recommend them to your PLR Tutorial Videos, because you cover everything – from creating new graphics, to editing the PLR book, all the way to the website and download pages – it’s all covered.

If you aren’t sure what you should be doing with your PLR products, take a look at this video series, and you’ll be on your way to putting those PLR products to good use.

Thanks for putting this tutorial together, Doug – Now I know where to send my subscribers and customers who aren’t sure how to use PLR content.

Great work as always!

All the Best,

Mike Steup


Ken Reno recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hey Doug,

Man you’ve done it again!

I’m so glad you made this course because it answers all the questions people have about Private Label Rights, and how to profit from them.

Your step by step style is very easy to follow, and I already know my readers will love this.

I’ve highly recommended your products in the past, and am even more impressed now. Keep up the great work!

To Our Success!

Ken Reno


Rick Macaulay recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hi Doug,

Wow, no fluff or wasted time at all. You jump right in and start with how to turn a PLR product into my own unique resale product.

These Video’s are crystal clear and recorded well so I don’t have any problem hearing or seeing your definitive instructions on what to do next. This is all very exciting cause I have TONS of PLR from Giveaways that are sitting on my computer.

With your guidance I’m going to have multiple UNIQUE products to present to the masses quickly for massive profits! Fantastic!

Thank you for having the foresight of filling this need!

Rick Macaulay


Kathe Lucas recommends Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos
Hi Doug,

WOW! Just when I thought I knew it all! I started watching and couldn’t stop til the last video was done.

There’s all kinds of info out there for making PLR your own, but I think your 1,2,3 approach will help lots of folks learn everything easier and faster.

Thanks for some great videos. Your hard work shows, because your PLR Tutorials ROCK! 🙂

All My Best,

Kathe Lucas


Not Only Can You Download Your Copy Of The PLR Tutorial Videos Right Now – I’ll Even Let You Put All The Risk On Me!


Doug Champigny's PLR Tutorial Videos are backed by our famous 100% money-back guarantee!

Download Your PLR Tutorial Videos Today And If For Any Reason You’re Not
100% Satisfied, Contact Us Within 30 Days & We’ll Refund Your Money
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Download Your Personal Copy Of
The PLR Tutorial Videos
Right Now For Just $47!

Order With Confidence Using PayPal Or Credit Cards
Through Secure Servers 24/7!


To Your New-Found PLR Success…

Doug Champigny

PS – There are no PLR Rights or Master Resell Rights available for these videos – they are for your own education only. That’s why we’re able to bring you over 100 minutes of video instruction for so little – but be sure to download yours today before we decide to raise the price to a more reasonable level!

PPS – As you probably already realized, the techniques and methods taught in the PLR Tutorial Videos will work just as well with e-books you write yourself or have ghostwritten for you. Use the information packed into these videos to start making more money today! There’s no longer ANY EXCUSE to let a lack of experience hold you back – just follow along and mimic what you see in these PLR Tutorial videos to achieve complete PLR success!




Denise Hall recommends the PLR Tutorial Videos!
Hi, Doug,

I just finished watching your PLR Tutorial and I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done!

Anyone who doesn’t know how to edit PLR ebooks and their sales pages can now learn quickly by watching over your shoulder in these videos.

You also showed me some terrific shortcuts to creating my own graphics. Now I don’t have to pay someone to do them for me.

Thanks for such a helpful product.

Denise Hall


Joel Osborne recommends the PLR Tutorial Videos!
What a fantastic product Doug!

Your PLR Tutorial videos go into so much great detail! I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be able to edit and start selling a plr product once they watched these videos.

This is a “must buy” video package for anyone who may not yet have their own product selling online. Doug will take you through step-by-step, sharing his plr knowledge with you, so you can follow along.

Thanks Doug for these great videos!

Joel Osborne


Shelby Carr recommends the PLR Tutorial Videos!
Hi, Doug!

The “PLR Video Tutorials” are AWESOME! I have a computer full of PLR products just gathering cyberdust and until now I had NO clue on how to make them my own.

These videos have shown me the correct way of doing this, including how to make a new header and footer especially to match. You give crystal clear instructions on how to take any PLR product & make it your own.

I don’t know how you do it, once again you have given amazing “QUALITY” information to your customers. And the best part is that you have priced it so that everyone can get it.

Shelby Carr


Raymond Day recommends the PLR Tutorial Videos!
Hey Doug,

I finished going through the videos earlier today, and as usual, I was amazed. Your videos always walk me right through my technical challenges. I gotta tell you Doug I have avoided PLR because it has always seemed so difficult to do the covers, change the website, setup the payment plan and the other various parts required. I am always thrilled when you create a step by step video for us. The last one I used was just a short little blip on setting up my wordpress blog. Funny thing is I spent about 3 hours trying to figure it out on my own. When I went through your video it took 10 minutes.

I’ve already passed the word on to a friend about the PLR Tutorial videos, and I will be pulling out some PLR products for myself now too.

Thanks again for making PLR simple Doug, keep up the great videos!

Raymond Day

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